Sunday, February 26, 2017
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We manufacture inflatable equipment

Jumping castles for sale in South Africa

Looking for Jumping Castles for sale? Call 016 454 8204 or complete the form for an online booking.

We are top manufacturers of inflatable equipment in South Africa. If you are looking for custom inflatable equipment and jumping castles for sale, we have the experience, resources and expertise to give you what you need!

Rainbow Inflatables

Our inflatable equipment includes:

Jumping Castles
Climbing Walls Advertising Inflatables
Mechanical Bulls & Surfboards Corporate Events
Space Rocket
Marquee Tents Teambuilding
Fundraising Options    

Many people (especially corporate companies) spend a lot of money renting inflatable equipment time and time again. Why not purchase high quality inflatable equipment that you can have ready whenever you are arranging a corporate event, team building day or fun day? At Rainbow Inflatables, we have jumping castles for sale. Even if you need a custom inflatable manufactured, call today.

Inflatable equipment that meets international standards:

Our inflatable equipment and jumping castles for sale are manufactured according to quality specifications to ensure that our customers receive the best inflatable equipment in South Africa. Our staff went to Holland to get training in inflatable construction. We have a large variety of jumping castles for sale, or you can specify exactly what you require.

jumping Castles for sale

Jumping castles for sale

Rainbow Inflatables is a leading manufacturer of jumping castles for sale in Gauteng and the rest of South Africa. If you are looking for a jumping castle or similar inflatable product to rent out to the public or use for personal / company functions and events, you will find what you need from Rainbow Inflatables. Jumping castles are great fun for children, and there are many different styles and designs available to meet the needs of different age groups. Buying a jumping castle is definitely an investment, especially in if you plan on renting it out, or need to hire jumping castles frequently for business or private events. Read more about our jumping castles for sale from the top manufacturers in Gauteng / South Africa, complete our online enquiry form today. You can expect high quality inflatable products when doing business with Rainbow Inflatables.

Giant slides for sale

Giant slide are very popular for large functions and events. These giant slides will keep children and adults entertained for hours on end, and is ideal for fundraiser, carnivals and school fun days. Add a little water to the mix, and you will have some great summer entertainment. There are many different sizes and designs available when it comes to our giant slides, and you can rest assured that it they are used in the correct manner, they provide safe, good old fun for the kids. If you are looking to purchase a giant slide for your school, then you will get the best products from Rainbow Inflatables. Get the best quality and best prices from Rainbow Inflatables when it comes to giant slides for sale in Gauteng or South Africa. Want more information about our range of giant slides and prices? Simple complete our online enquiry form. Read more about our giant slides for sale.

Mechanical bulls for sale

Mechanical bulls are great fun for children and adults alike. You will often find the mechanical bull at the centre of attention at carnivals, school fundraisers and other social events. The mechanical bulls are quite safe, and should a rider fall off, they will have a soft landing on the inflatable mattress that surrounds the mechanical bull. The mechanical bull is also easily controlled with and electrical control unit. You are able to adjust the speed and roughness of the ride, making it ideal for children to take part in. Mechanical bulls are also perfect for company teambuilding events, serving for some good laughs and a good spirit. Rainbow Inflatables manufactures mechanical bulls to the highest standards, to ensure a safe and enjoyable product for our customers. Enquire about the price of our mechanical bulls, to order yours today!

Durable jumping castles for sale, manufactured to your specifications:

Whether you need your company logo or specific branding on your inflatable equipment, we will collaborate with you to make sure you get exactly what you need from your custom inflatables. Our equipment is durable and our custom signage on the inflatable will be done with your branding and approval.

It doesn’t matter whether your organisation is large or small – we’ve got the custom inflatable equipment and jumping castles for sale to suit your needs! We supply inflatable equipment all over South Africa.

Contact one of our inflatable equipment consultants  and let us know what you need and we will take care of the entire inflatable equipment manufacturing as well as assist you with its installation! Rainbow Inflatables have quality jumping castles for sale. Get a quote today.

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