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  • Standard Jumping Castle
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  • Barbie Jumping Castle
  • Barbie Jumping Castle
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Jumping castles and other inflatables for hire in KZN

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Rainbow inflatables KZN Office

As your child’s birthday approaches, your mind is filled with thoughts of birthday cake and other delicacies, what presents you are going to buy, and who you are going to invite to the party. However, the entertainment and games section should not be forgotten. KZN jumping castles are able to help you in this regard. No need to be stressed anymore to come up with ideas on how to keep the children entertained during the party. KZN jumping castles are especially handy if there are a lot of toddlers. Although children can play other games too, there is nothing quite as entertaining and enjoyable as KZN jumping castles.


KZN Jumping Castles are a Child’s Best Friend     

Hiring KZN jumping castles are a fun but easy way of keeping your child and his friends happy during the course of a birthday party. There is no child on this planet who does not like to jump around on KZN jumping castles. Luckily for most paranoid mothers, KZN jumping castles are extremely safe if used under the correct guidelines. Even toddlers can enjoy themselves on KZN jumping castles if adult supervision is present.

Regulations Regarding KZN Jumping Castles      

When hiring KZN jumping castles, you need to adhere to certain regulations. One of the most important regulations is that children are not allowed to wear their shoes whilst bouncing around on KZN jumping castles. While on KZN jumping castles, children are also not allowed to eat or drink anything. This is to ensure that KZN jumping castles are returned in the exact clean state that you received it in. Lastly, parents should check that KZN jumping castles are never overcrowded, seeing as KZN jumping castles might be damaged and at the same time the children could be hurt.

Jumping castles for sale and for hire

Jumping castles for sale and for hire

Adventure Island 

 Mechanical Surfboard

Jumping castles for sale and for hire

Jumping castles for sale and for hire

Mechanical Bulls

Baby Crocodile

Jumping castles for sale and for hire

Jumping castles for sale and for hire

Inflatable Ball


Where to Hire KZN Jumping Castles       

KZN jumping castles companies are situated in most areas of KZN. To make a decision regarding which KZN jumping castles company to use, you should have a look at their respective portfolios, which contain the various jumping castles on offer. Also have a look at their prices for hiring KZN jumping castles to see whether they are not ridiculously expensive. Lastly, you should consider the theme of the party which will subsequently determine the type of KZN jumping castles to be hired; preferably something which your children like a lot.