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Advertising Inflatables

Advertising inflatable equipment manufacturing in South Africa

Advertising Inflatables 

We are the top manufacturers of inflatable equipment in South Africa. If you need top quality Advertising inflatable equipment for your business, we have the experience, resources and expertise to give you exactly what you need!

Why not purchase high quality inflatable equipment, branded with your logo; that you can have ready every time you are arranging a corporate event, team building day or fun day?

Advertising Inflatable equipment that meets international standards

Durable, creative inflatable equipment products manufactured to your specifications:

Whether you need your company logo or specific branding on your inflatable equipment, we will collaborate with you to make sure you get exactly what you need from your Advertising inflatables. Our equipment is durable and your custom signage on the inflatable will be done with your branding and approval.

We are inflatable specialists with products such as:

  • Advertising Inflatable slides
  • Advertising Inflatable obstacle courses
  • Advertising Inflatable climbing walls
  • Advertising Inflatable signs
  • Advertising Inflatable tents
  • And lots more!

It doesn’t matter whether your Company is large or small – we’ve got the custom advertising inflatable’s to suit your needs! Rainbow Inflatables supply inflatable equipment all over South Africa.

Contact one of our inflatable equipment consultants today and let us know what you need, and we will take care of the entire inflatable equipment manufacturing as well as assist you with its installation!>

View images of our Advertising Inflatables
  • Builders Warehouse Jumping Castle(Ad)
  • Dance Ads
  • Nandos Jumping Castle (Ad)
  • Wimpy Jumping Castle (Ad)
  • Wimpy Jumping Castle (Ad)
  • Hot Orange Realty Jumping Castle (Ad)
  • Coca Cola Jumping Castle (Ad)
  • Coca Cola Jumping Castle (Ad)
Inflate your marketing ideas!

Advertising Inflatables for sale from Rainbow Inflatables

If you are the owner of your own business or the marketing manager of a company, big or small, you will know of and understand the importance of advertising.  This is quite obvious, seeing as people will not be able to purchase your products or make use of your services if they do not know about your business or do not recognize your brand.  Creating awareness for your business is thus of the utmost importance.  Advertising inflatables for sale can be of great help in this regard.  When people think of inflatable equipment, images of jumping castles and slippery slides instantly pop into their minds.  However, seeing as Rainbow Inflatables is an inflatable equipment company that strives to stay on top of the latest technology and innovations in the inflatable industry, we have recently introduced advertising inflatables for sale.  If used correctly, advertising inflatables for sale will generate more business for your company.  Having your company name and logo appear on a wide range of inflatable equipment will most definitely give you an edge over your industry competitors.  Due to the fact that business is harder to come by nowadays when compared to a few decades ago, you have to do absolutely everything you can to not only maintain your current clientele or customer base, but also gain new ones.  Advertising inflatables for sale is one way how this can be done.
Contact Rainbow Inflatables for all you you need to know regarding Advertising Inflatables for sale

Advertising Inflatables for Sale – get yours today

Due to the many different functions and events on the social calendar nowadays, it allows enough opportunity for you to market your business.  However, instead of handing out pamphlets or sticking posters against a wall or tree, consider purchasing advertising inflatables for sale and using it at such events.  Not only will advertising inflatables for sale benefit your business by means of creating a greater awareness, but the inflatable equipment used for this purpose will also provide hours of fun and excitement for those jumping and playing around on it.  Advertising inflatables for sale is available in a wide variety of inflatable equipment, ranging from slides and obstacle courses to climbing walls, signs and tents.  Advertising inflatables for sale is really the latest craze in the marketing industry and it is sure to be of great benefit to your business over the long term.  If you are thus looking for a new means of advertising that is very effective, consider advertising inflatables for sale from Rainbow Inflatables.  Get your custom manufactured advertising inflatables for sale from Rainbow Inflatables by contacting our friendly staff.