Friday, August 19, 2022
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Get good exercise..

Get wall climbing exercise with our inflatable climbing walls.

Inflatables Climbing Wall 

3 different types of super cool Wall’s to choose from:
We have 1 Sided, 2 Sided, & 3 Sided walls, nice to have for any fun day Event!

Inflatable climbing walls for any fun day event. Contact Rainbow Inflatables.

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Hours of fun with inflatable Climbing Walls

The sky is the limit wit inflatable climbing Walls from Rainbow Inflatables! Inflatable Climbing Walls are a popular choice when it comes to entertainment for kids at social events, fundraisers, team building, school events and more. These inflatable Climbing Walls provide hours of fun for the kids, letting them climb up a giant inflatable wall (like rock climbing) with the necessary safety precautions in place. The Climbing Walls are surrounded by an inflated surface, and secured with ropes, ensuring a safe and sturdy inflated structure.

Rainbow Inflatables manufacture large four-sided and double-sided inflatable Climbing Walls to choose from, as well as a double-sided Velcro Climbing Wall! For more information and advice about our inflatable Climbing Walls, get in touch with us at Rainbow Inflatables today.

Get the inflatable equipment you need from Rainbow Inflatables

When it comes to jumping castle manufacturers, you will find top quality inflatables for sale and for hire from Rainbow Inflatables. Rainbow Inflatables is a renowned name in the inflatable manufacturing industry, providing clients with a professional service and cost-effective prices. For more information about inflatable Climbing Walls from Rainbow Inflatables, contact us today.