Friday, August 19, 2022
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Hire an inflatable from Rainbow Inflatables

Jumping Castles for hire and for sale

Hire a jumping castle for your event from Rainbow Inflatables. Call today if you are in the Johannesburg / Gauteng area.

Jumping Castles are large inflatable structures used as a form of recreation. People (mostly children) use these large cold-air structures to jump on. It is interesting to know that that the term “jumping castle” is used only in South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. In the United States, these inflatable structures are known by a variety of names, which include Space Walk, Moonwalk, Astro jump, Moon Bounce, and Bounce house. “Inflatable playground” is also used sometimes. Bouncy Castle or Inflatable Castle is the terms popular in the UK and Ireland. The word “castle” in all these terms is derived form the shape of the inflatable, because the traditional jumping castles are in the shape of a castle.

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