Friday, August 19, 2022
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Mechanical Rodeo bulls and Surfboards For Sale

If you need a mechanical bull for your funday event, contact Rainbow Inflatables by sending us an email or call +27 16 454 8204. We export to most African countries.

Mechanical bull hire & Mechanical surfboard for Sale – Rainbow Inflatables

Mechanical bulls and mechanical surfboards serve as some great entertainment for children and adults alike. If you are seeking entertainment for a children’s party, social event or school fun day, then our mechanical bulls hire or mechanical surfboard hire might be just the thing for you!

Rainbow Inflatables is a leading supplier of inflatables games, jumping castles and mechanical bulls / surfboards for sale, and will supply you with high quality inflatable goods for children. For more information about our mechanical bull hire or mechanical surfboard hire, contact us today for assistance.

About our mechanical bulls for hire / mechanical surfboards for hire

Hiring a mechanical bull will ensure great entertainment for the guests, both children and adults, and also give them the opportunity to participate and experience mechanical bull riding. If you’re worried about the safety of the guests, you can rest assured that mechanical bulls are quite safe to ride on. You can hire an inflatable mattress that will surround the mechanical bull or mechanical surfboard that you hire from Rainbow Inflatables, to ensure a soft landing when riders fall off the mechanical bull or surfboard. The speed of the mechanical bull is also adjustable, ensuring that the ride is suitable for the rider’s age and comfort.

Mechanical bull or mechanical surfboard is a great choice for kids entertainment, for:
  • Birthday parties
  • Social events
  • Fun days
  • Year-end functions
  • Teambuilding
Mechanical bull hire is becoming very popular for social event as guests truly enjoy taking part in this fun activity. You can also have a small competition to see who can ride the mechanical bull the longest. Enquire about our mechanical bull and mechanical surfboard today.

Other inflatable games from Rainbow Inflatables

In addition to offering mechanical bulls and mechanical surfboards, Rainbow Inflatables is also a leading supplier of inflatables for sale, offering a wide selection in inflatables for clients to choose from. This includes jumping castles, gladiators, inflatable water slides, giant slides, giant climbing walls and more. Browse through our list of products on our website for more information

Contact Rainbow Inflatables today for more information about our mechanical bull hire and mechanical surfboard, and to book yours for your next social event. We guarantee that you and your guests will have lots of fun with our mechanical bull and mechanical surfboard! Contact Rainbow Inflatables today.

We export to most African countries.

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