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Host your Birthday Party with some fun

Birthday Inflatables for Rent in South Africa

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Jumping Castles for Sale and for hire
Most childrens’ birthday parties are arranged for a sunny day due to three factors.  One is that there is no space in any sized house for 12 screaming 10-year olds - two, that children are bound to rather play outside with their friends and three, that children love water more than anything else.

These are the three main factors why parents consult the assistance of a birthday Inflatables company regarding their birthday inflatables for rent. The problem is that some inflatable companies do not stock birthday inflatables and only stock jumping castles, which are fun but gets the children all hot after a while. Parents and children are looking for inflatable birthday fun in the sun with a difference.

We also have a themed jumping castle range

Harry Potter Jumping Castle Spiderman Jumping Castle Winnie the Pooh Jumping Castle
John Cena Jumping Castle Ben 10 Jumping Castle Princess Jumping Castle

We at Rainbow Inflatables stock a large variety of  very exciting birthday inflatables for rent.

  • Our range of birthday inflatables for rent includes inflatable slides that consist of many different types and range from small, single slides for toddlers, all types and sizes of water slides including single slides and double slides and all sizes of dry slides ranging from standard sizes to giant slides that stand high into the air, hence its name.
  • Our range of birthday inflatables for rent also includes all types of other water games, from water walkers to water slides.  A proper outside birthday invitation should therefore read “bring costume”. 
  • Our water walkers / water balls / Zorb balls all have the same thing in common – that they are an inflatable ball in which the child would climb and move around without getting hurt.  The Zorb ball is mostly used on land and the water walkers/water balls include a large inflatable pool on which it drifts.
  • For children the ultimate in birthday party inflatable entertainment, our latest edition called the “foam pit” could only be the ultimate.
The foam pit is much like an inflatable pool but it also includes an electric bubble blowing machine that constantly blows a stream of bubbles into the “pit”.  A special soap is used to make the bubbles, being non-toxic and safe for mucus membranes (so it won’t burn) and also comes in various colours and even flavours. Plastic balls or prizes are thrown into the pit amongst the masses of foam to make it even more interesting.
Rainbow Inflatables offers many more birthday inflatables for rent and by simply calling us on (016)-423 6274 you will be sure to get the most professional and customized quotations at the most competitive rates..