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Carnival ideas

Carnival Inflatables for Rent in South Africa

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Jumping Castles for Sale and for hire
The thought of a carnival sends a wave of excitement over all family members.  For dad it would be the cars on display, for mom it would be bargain prices for decorative items and beauty wear and for children the word “carnival” shouts out – FUN!
But what fun is a carnival when you had at all previous carnivals ridden all the mechanical ponies fed all the goats and walked around all day in the blazing sun?  Children are looking exciting carnival entertainment nowadays and what better way than Rainbow Inflatable’s wide variety of carnival inflatables for rent?


Rainbow Inflatables are one of the top manufacturers and suppliers of innovative and high quality carnival inflatable entertainment for rent and even for sale to private individuals.  Our reputation for being one of South Africa’s most reputable carnival inflatable companies is reliant on our design and manufacturing standards which makes us adhere strictly to all safety requirements throughout the design, manufacturing, transporting and setting up as well as after-sales processes of all our carnival inflatables.
If you are only still familiar with the more traditional jumping castle as your childhood mode of inflatable entertainment, below is a list of highly exciting carnival inflatables for rent and for sale from Rainbow Inflatables.

We also have a themed jumping castle range

Harry Potter Jumping Castle Spiderman Jumping Castle Winnie the Pooh Jumping Castle
John Cena Jumping Castle Ben 10 Jumping Castle Princess Jumping Castle

As a carnival is mostly an outdoor event, the following carnival inflatables that have been found most popular:

  • The space rocket is an inflatable carnival game where the persons would climb in and be secured into their seats with safety belts that are in turn connected to a release rope at the top of the rocket.  Great volumes of air is then pumped in, making the seats rise and as the door is forcefully pulled open, the seats skyrocket downwards with the persons landing on a soft, inflatable surface.
  • The obstacle challenge is a multi-roomed inflatable housing, filled with standard obstacles like jumping over the obstacles, crawling underneath different levels and rolling over obstacles, much like a standard obstacle course but with the difference that the entire field is inflatable and therefore much safer.
  • An inflatable paintball field is much similar to a traditional one, with the difference that you would shoot a paintball gun with softer paint balls and all the hiding places and obstacles are fully inflated.
There are so many more carnival inflatables for rent that it would be suggested that you phone Rainbow Inflatables today at (016)-423 6274 to find out how we can give your child a fun-filled day of a lifetime. Contact us for a quote.