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Fundraising ideas for churches in South Africa

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Fundraising Ideas

If you belong to a church and are closely involved with some of its activities, you will know that fundraising forms a big part of its livelihood.  Deciding on fundraising ideas for churches is subsequently a big discussion during church meetings.  While one cannot really be discontented with any fundraising ideas for churches, chances are that the majority of your church’s members are getting bored with the continual cake sales and bazaars held every few months.  Most would appreciate some fresh, new and exciting fundraising ideas for churches.  One such an idea has to do with hiring inflatable equipment.  Rainbow Inflatables has a wide range of inflatable products that can serve as a perfect fundraising idea for churches.  Aside from the traditional jumping castles, we also have climbing walls, space rockets, giant slides, a paintball battlefield, water and zorb balls as well as mechanical bulls and surfboards available.  While it might happen that some of the older members of church will not really get excited about inflatable equipment, it could just be the perfect way of attracting and involving the younger generation.  It is precisely the traditional fundraising ideas for churches that might have played a role in the younger people, especially children and teens, to stay away from such events. However, the wide range of inflatable equipment from Rainbow Inflatables can change this situation.

Fundraising ideas and events

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Fun and exciting inflatable equipment to form part of Fundraising Ideas for Churches

Rainbow Inflatables have been a manufacturer as well as a supplier of inflatable equipment for a number of years already.  For this reason, we have come to understand our market and know what particular inflatable products will work best for a specific function.  Thus when you tell us that you require some inflatable equipment as part of fundraising ideas for churches, the helpful staff at Rainbow Inflatables will be able to advise you on what inflatable products to hire.  It is just as important for us to see your church’s fundraising events be successful as we are sure it is for you.  We see it as a great honour that our range of inflatable equipment forms part of your annual fundraising ideas for churches.  Our fun and exciting inflatable products have the ability to light up fundraising events.  You will be pleasantly surprised at the amount of money your church will be able to generate by making Rainbow Inflatables’ inflatable products part of your fundraising ideas for churches.  After the success of hiring inflatable equipment, chances are that it will become a part of fundraising ideas for churches for years to come.  Do not hesitate to contact Rainbow Inflatables for all your inflatable needs next time you are in need of some fundraising ideas for churches.