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Inflatable Games & Activities for Adults - Rainbow Inflatables

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Finding activities and games for adults to enjoy at social or teambuilding events can be quite difficult. If you are looking for fun physical activities that are suitable for adults and will provide some great fun and laughter, Rainbow Inflatables has the answer for you!

As a leading inflatable games and product manufacturer, you will find a variety of inflatable games that are suitable for adults, that will provide hours of fun. If you think that inflatable games are only for children, think again! Our inflatable games such as our gladiator obstacles, inflatable soccer fields, volleyball courts and human foosball games are popular teambuilding games for adults. Contact us today for more information about our inflatable games / activities for adults for your next social or teambuilding event.

Our inflatable products are available for hire in many areas across South Africa - find your nearest Rainbow Inflatables and contact us for more information today.

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Games and activities for adult teambuilding events from Rainbow Inflatables

  • Gladiator games: Our gladiator games consist of a number of inflatable obstacles and obstacle courses on which the participants need to perform or get through. This is great fun for adults, and usually serves for some good laughs. Enquire today about our gladiator inflatable games / activities for adults.
  • Inflatable mini soccer field and volleyball court: Our inflatable mini soccer field and volleyball court is great fun for everyone. Divide your group into two teams to create some friendly competition - no experience required!
  • Boxing ring: Don't worry, the boxing ring is not as scary as it sounds! This inflatable boxing ring is fun and safe, and includes an inflatable ring, with a small platform for each individual. Individuals need to knock one another off the pat forms with a soft boxing pillow - a fun inflatable game / activity for adults at your next social event!
  • Human foosball: The only thing better than foosball, is human foosball! Our human foosball game includes an inflatable foosball set, providing a life size foosball game. Just like regular foosball, the aim of the game is to score a goal - divide into teams to play against each other.
  • Zorbballs: If you've always wanted to roll around in a giant ball for fun, here's your chance! Take turns climbing into the Zorbball / Water Walker to play a number of games, or just to have fun.
  • Big Brother Boxing Ring
  • Pillow Bash
  • Human Fooseball
  • Inflatable mini soccer field
  • Volley ball court
  • Basket ball
  • Inflatable darts
  • New game inflatable
  • Sumo Wrestlers
  • Dunk Tank

Contact Rainbow Inflatables for the best inflatable games / activities for adults

Talk to a sales consultant at Rainbow Inflatables today for more information about our inflatable games and activities for adults. We will assist you to find the perfect inflatable products to ensure a fun-filled social event or team building day. Browse through our website for pictures and ideas of what we have to offer for your company’s teambuilding day / social event!