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Jumping castles for hire

Inflatables for Kids in South Africa

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Jumping Castles for Sale and for hire

Within South Africa, the trend has grown to rather purchase home-and-garden entertainment for your children than to brave the hours of traffic to the nearest shopping mall.  Innovative companies like Rainbow Inflatables have realised this and have started focussing on inflatables for kids as a safe and cost effective way of keeping children entertained, fit and away from the television.

Jumping Castles for sale and for hire


The norm of companies stock a wide variety of jumping castles as their main method of inflatable fun for kids, but Rainbow Inflatables have gone the extra mile by designing and manufacturing interesting and very entertaining inflatables for kids.

We also have a themed jumping castle range

Harry Potter Jumping Castle for hire Spiderman Jumping Castle for sale Winnie the Pooh Jumping Castle for hire
John Cena Jumping Castle for sale Ben 10 Jumping Castle for hire Princess Jumping Castle for sale

Below are a few examples of inflatables for kids from Rainbow Inflatables:

  • Inflatable Foam Pits:
    These are one of the most exciting new innovative inflatables for kids and promise hours of “good and clean” fun.  Basically an inflatable pool with a special anti-slip and anti-spillage bottom and sides, it comes with an attached bubble blowing machine making this bubble pit is so versatile you can play virtually any water game, but instead of water you would just have safe, non-toxic bubbles.
  • A foam party tent:
    This could be rented as an additional inflatable plaything for kids when they have their friends over or when you are hosting a family get together.  As the name says, it is an inflatable tent so it would be high enough for even adults to stand in.  But the difference is that it also comes with a bubble blower.  An ingenious idea to have your own foam party right in your own back yard.
  • A climbing wall:
    This has to be one of the most popular inflatable toys for kids.  Children are born with the will to succeed, making climbing wall such a brilliant innovation.  It not only makes them push their own limits, but it gets them to have a good workout in terms of muscle strength, cardio-vascular exercise and fine motor skills stimulation of their fingers as well.
  • Various inflatable games for kids are available including:
    Space rockets, pillow bashing arenas, dunk bins, big brother boxing rings, mechanical bulls, mechanical surfboards, paintball arenas, gladiator fighting rings and so many more.  Your decision on which one (ones) to purchase will depend on your garden size, budget and number / age of children you have. Remember that although these are mainly inflatables for kids, some of them could accommodate parents as well..
Rainbow Inflatables is a proud manufacturer, supplier and service provider of inflatables for kids and adults alike and by phoning us at (016)-423 6274, you can find out which one of our many branches are closest to you. Click here to get a quote.