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Jumping castles

Jumping Castle Repairs near Johannesburg, Gauteng

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Jumping Castles for  hire

Although the Jumping castle is one of the most popular forms of kiddies and adult entertainment, it should be noted, and is mentioned on every rental contract that, as it is made from PVC, there is a possibility of damage occurring due to the abusive use thereof.

Jumping Castles for sale and for hire


Under the terms of any jumping castle hire/purchase guarantee agreement, abusive use, and therefore jumping castle repair costs to the client is classified as the following:

  • When jumping castle repairs are needed as a result of the user/s wearing shoes.
  • When jumping castle repairs are needed as a result of an amount of users over the set limit stipulated.
  • When jumping castle repairs are needed as a result of sharp objects of flames being used near the jumping castle.
  • When jumping castle repairs are needed as a result of being placed on rocking, thorny or otherwise undesirable ground surfaces.

Any reputable jumping castle service provider would, as included in their service package, offer jumping castle repairs at not cost under the following circumstances:

  • When, at any time, the jumping castle is harmed during the provider’s transportation thereof.
  • When the improper quality checking process are followed prior to the purchase/sale of the jumping castle.
  • When a jumping castle is sold with no label or stamp of quality.
  • When jumping castle repairs are needed due to mechanical failure of the compressor, switch or safety features such as the earth wire.
  • When jumping castle repairs are needed due to inferior stitching or PVC quality that could be as a result of old age or the use of inferior quality products that cut manufacturing costs.

We also have a themed jumping castle range

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Among the various inflatable equipments supplied by Rainbow Inflatable a few popular ones are:

A reputable jumping castle manufacturer and service provider such as Rainbow Inflatables will be sure to discuss all these conditions with you thoroughly prior to the sale/purchase of any of our inflatable items, but as we know that small accidents also occur, we include a patch jumping castle repair kit with every jumping castle we sell or hire. We further make sure that we transport, set up and remove the jumping castle for your convenience and also to take the responsibility off your shoulders, should any damage occur during transportation. Phone us at 016-454 8204 should you need to rent/purchase any of our ranges