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Jumping Castles for hire and for sale

Jumping Castles for hire and for sale in Johannesburg, South Africa

Jumping castles are inflatable structures made usually of sturdy and thick vinyl, PVC, or nylon, and built mostly for children to jump on. Because of the traditional castle shape they take, the structures are termed as Jumping Castles. Jumping castles are a perfect way to entertain children at events, festivals, functions in schools and churches, or even at home. Because of the various shapes they can take, they are a delight among kids. These inflatable structures are also very easy to store and transport.

Jumping Castles for Hire

At weddings, functions, and other such public or private events, hiring Jumping Castles serve as a great way to keep the kids occupied and entertained for long. There are a lot of dealers who would let you hire them for specified duration. Contacting a reputed dealer will avoid any delays or hassles in getting the Jumping Castles installed in the desired location.

If you have decided to rent one, you might have to keep a few things in mind before placing the order:

  1. Make sure to check the available variety with your dealer. Choose from the wide variety of themed Jumping Castles to make the event merrier.
  2. Write down any specific questions about the structures before placing the order.
  3. Keep a track of the prices and duration for which the rent is possible and other minor requirements.
  4. Make a booking as much as possible in advance to avoid unavailability.
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Jumping Castles for Sale

It is a good idea to purchase a Jumping Castle if you organize events on a frequent basis or would just like to install it in your backyard so that kids can use it anytime. You can choose from a variety of sizes, shapes, and themes that are available. There are a lot of companies who manufacture interesting, creative, and durable Jumping Castles in South Africa. You can even get one custom-made based on your needs. If you wish to buy one such structure for your company, school, or organization, you even have the option of imprinting the desired logo or brand on the structure. Explore all the available options from your manufacturer before purchasing one.

Jumping Castles Manufactures

Rainbow Inflatable’s are among the top manufacturers of inflatable equipments in South Africa. You can purchase ready-made Jumping Castles and other custom-made inflatable equipments at reasonable prices. We have the expertise and required resources to provide you with what you need. Rather than going through the process of renting them each time, get good quality custom-made inflatable equipments and enjoy their benefits to the fullest.

Jumping Castle Repairs

Safety is a major concern in Jumping Castles. The consequences of even the smallest rip could be grave. To help you maintain your objective of safety, Rainbow Inflatables also offers instant repair service. The equipment would be examined carefully for other faults and the damaged part would be mended to make it fully functional again. So do not worry about spending money on something that might need to be discarded if damaged. Maintaining high quality and ensuring that customer satisfaction is met, are among the primary motives of Rainbow Inflatables.

Other Products Supplied

Among the various inflatable equipments supplied by Rainbow Inflatable a few popular ones are:

You can pick the ones that interest you or try a combination of two or more. These inflatable structures undoubtedly would be a favorite pastime for children and elders as well. You could either purchase them or rent them depending on your need.

Themed Jumping Castles

To make the Jumping Castles look more appealing to children there are themed castles available as well. Some popular themes manufactured are:

In addition to these, if there is any other favorite cartoon character you would like to depict in your equipment, could be achieved by the manufacturer as well.

Themed Jumping Castles

Jumping Castles & Inflatables for Fundraising Events

Fundraising events are common whether it is in the company you work for, the church, or school. The effectiveness of one such event can fluctuate based on the activities that will have lined up. This is one place where Jumping Castles and Inflatables can serve great purpose. Depending on the type of audience and the number of people, you can equip the place with paintball arenas, themed Jumping Castles for children, zorb balls and much more.

Jumping Castles & Inflatables for Teambuilding Events

Corporate events and school activities can very well use Jumping Castles and other inflatable equipments to conduct team-building events. Team building activities and obstacle courses serve as the perfect way for colleagues and schoolmates to bond with each other. Paintball arenas, Climbing Walls, Surfboards and zorb balls are the most ideal to be used for these purposes.

Safety Measures and Aspects Surrounding Inflatables

Along with offering fun and thrill, Jumping Castles could sometimes pose a threat if not used the right way, used when damaged and when used in extreme weather conditions. It is a good practice to let children use them under the supervision of parents and elders. Also, even the slightest tear would need immediate attention to avoid accidents. Using these inflatable equipments during strong winds and rains is also not recommended. Using footwear, excessive accessories or jewelry, could also result in accidents. So try as much as possible to follow the instruction manual provided by the manufactures to play safe.

Jumping Castles & Inflatables for Kids Parties

A kid’s birthday party is sure to be much more fun with Jumping Castles and other fun inflatable items. You even have the options of renting one for the desired period in case you do not own one. They are mostly available at reasonable prices and in a variety of themes and sizes. If you have never tried one, make sure you bring one to your next party and watch the party come alive.