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Jumping castles for hire

Jumping Castles for Hire in Centurion, Pretoria

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Jumping Castles for  hire
The use of a jumping castle during any social event has become almost the norm in kids’ entertainment. The feeling of jumping weightlessly around has become viral and is loved worldwide by children and adults alike. When you would like to acquire a jumping castle, you will be faced with two options being buying your own or renting a castle from a jumping castle supplier in your area. As the latter will give you more peace of mind knowing that it is under full guarantee by the company, you should firstly look at the following considerations so as to be more knowledgeable when hiring a jumping castle.

Jumping Castles for sale and for hire


A company offering jumping castles for hire in Centurion should have a fully detailed website including references of at least two well known persons or companies having made use of their services. If you are not sure as to which companies there are in Centurion, you could either search the net or ask your friends or colleagues and compare information on which is the best inflatable company for your need.

As there will be alot of children jumping, falling around and running on said jumping castle or other inflatable entertainment, you will have to make sure of two factors being that you hire a jumping castle big enough to accommodate the set amount of children as well as the quality factor of the product itself.

We also have a themed jumping castle range

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Rainbow Inflatables has Jumping Castles for hire in Centurion

A reputable jumping castle supplier would offer you a guarantee or warranty of some sort, and although you will have to sign an amenity form, they will offer assistance when the item fails in terms of lack of product quality, improper set up and safe transportation thereof. Proper pre-inspection of the area should also be done to check for nails, stones and all other debris that could cause harm to the children or the jumping castle.
The jumping castle should be sturdy and tied down with the proper ties and ropes, the blower and electricity box / outlet should be safely away from the direct area of play and the product must be checked beforehand for leaks, tears in the stitching or any other failures.
A reputable company should further offer you a wide range of products, differing in height, length, general size, colour, themes and types. A representative of the company should consider all your needs so as to supply you with the most suited product.
We at Rainbow Inflatables have built up a reputation of being one of the best suppliers of jumping castles for hire in Centurion as well as throughout South Africa. Call us today at 071 374 3886 for assistance on how we can make your child’s day very special.