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Marquee Tents Supplier – East Rand – Rainbow Inflatables

Do you need a trusted supplier of marquee tents in the East Rand? Rainbow Inflatable can assist. We are a leading supplier of inflatable products, and also manufacture a wide range of marquee tents to choose from, to suit different needs. We supply marque tens for hire or for sale in the East Rand suitable for weddings and other events. When purchasing or renting a marquee tent from Rainbow Inflatables, you are ensured of high quality products at very reasonable prices.

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Inflatable tents and marquees 

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Trust Rainbow Inflatables as your marquee tent supplier

Rainbow Inflatables has built an outstanding reputation amongst clients as a trusted supplier of inflatable products, games and marquee tents. Years of experience in the jumping castle manufacturing industry has enabled us to provide our clients with exceptional quality inflatables and marquee tents. Our marquee tents are manufactured according to stringent quality measures, ensuring high quality and durable products for our clients. Marquee tents have become a very popular choice of venues, due to the many benefits they offer. Contact Rainbow Inflatables for our marquee tents for the following reasons:

  • Location: A marquee tent can be erected almost anywhere as long as there is sufficient space. This means that you can have your event or wedding anywhere you desire.
  • Large events: A marquee tent is ideal for large events, including weddings, music festivals and more, allowing you sufficient space for the number of guests you are expecting.
  • Different styles and designs: Marquee tents in the East Rand from Rainbow Inflatables come in many different styles and designs, and you will find a marquee tent that fits your needs perfectly.
  • Catering: As opposed to regular events venues, you can choose a catering company of your choice that fits what you have in mind for your event.
  • Weather: A marquee tent provides an undercover venue for your guests, should the weather forecast predict rain or bad weather.

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Contact Rainbow Inflatables for your marquee tents in the East Rand

Contact the trusted supplier of marquee tents in the East Rand today to get a quote on the marquee tent you desire for your event, wedding or other function. When it comes to our marquee tent prices, we offer very competitive prices for hiring and purchasing a marquee tent in the East Rand.

Trust our friendly and professional team to assist you with the best marquee tent for your needs.