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Mechanical Bull Hire – East Rand – Rainbow Inflatables

If you need a mechanical bull for your fun-day event, contact Rainbow Inflatables.

Mechanical Bull Hire

Looking to hire a mechanical bull for an event or party in the East rand area? Rainbow Inflatables is a leading supplier of mechanical bulls and jumping castles, offering our products for hire and for sale in the East Rand.

Mechanical bulls and jumping castles are great for entertainment during children’s parties, teambuilding events and corporate / social events.  Contact Rainbow Inflatables today for more information about our mechanical bulls for hire / sale in the East Rand. 


Fun and entertainment – Mechanical bulls for parties and events in East Rand

Mechanical bulls serve for some great entertainment for children and adults. If you are looking for means of entertainment for your social event, work function or party, a mechanical bull is definitely a great choice. Combine your mechanical bull with one or two of our high quality special design jumping castles, and you will have entertainment for young and old.

When looking for a mechanical bull for hire, always make sure that you work with a reputable supplier who specialises in this form of party entertainment so that you not only benefit from affordable prices, but also from high-quality products that will truly add life to any party. Being able to hire various inflatables from the same supplier in the East Rand like Rainbow Inflatables, making it worthwhile to arrange your own children's party with all the right equipment.

About Mechanical Bulls from Rainbow Inflatables

Mechanical bulls are quite safe for older children and adults. You will be provided with an inflatable pillow / landing platform that surrounds the mechanical bull, ensuring a soft landing should you be thrown off. The mechanical bull is also controlled by using different speed settings to suit the rider. The mechanical bull definitely serves for some great fun and entertainment, and is ideal for your party or social event in the East Rand. Talk to us today about your party or event requirements, and we will be able to provide you with the best solution regarding children’s entertainment.

Contact Rainbow Inflatables today about mechanical bull hire / purchasing in the East Rand

Get a quote to hire or purchase your mechanical bull in the East Rand from Rainbow Inflatables today. We guarantee that you will be happy with your mechanical bull and inflatable products. All products are manufactured under stringent quality measures to ensure our customers are satisfied with the mechanical and inflatable products received.

Get a quote to hire / purchase your mechanical bull in the East Rand from Rainbow Inflatables.

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