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All of us were children once, and we all loved it when we got the opportunity to experience a jumping castle or slippery slide with our friends.  Not much has changed though, with today’s school children that also go crazy each and every time they get the chance to fool around on inflatable equipment.  For this reason, it is an absolutely brilliant idea to hire some inflatable equipment next time a school is looking for some great school fundraising ideas.  What better way to raise money for a school than to involve the learners?  The money raised will after all be used in school context that will ultimately benefit the children over the long term.  It is thus quite ironic that by means of incorporating inflatable equipment as part of school fundraising ideas the children attending the school will actually help raise their own money.

Fundraising events Fundraising events

In contrast to a few decades ago when some of us were at school, the inflatable equipment industry has grown tremendously.  The result of this has been that there are nowadays a wide range of inflatable products available for hire; even more reason why it should form part of school fundraising ideas.  Aside from the old and trusted jumping castles, other inflatable products offered by Rainbow Inflatables as part of school fundraising ideas include water and zorb balls, giant slides, space rockets, climbing walls, mechanical bulls and surfboards, as well as a paintball battlefield.

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Unlike some other school fundraising ideas, inflatable equipment offers something for each and every child.  For example, if some of the school children do not like certain inflatable products, there are still lots of other items they can try out.  There are few other school fundraising ideas that can boast the versatility of Rainbow Inflatables’ inflatable equipment. Our wide variety of inflatable products allows school children to experience some outdoor activities for a change.  If you have children of your own, you will know that they are not very active outside the school context; children mostly keep themselves busy nowadays by watching DVD’s and playing Play Station games.  For this reason it has become paramount to decide on school fundraising ideas that will motivate children to be more active; inflatable products is thus the perfect choice.

Whether you are a headmaster of a school or simply a teacher or parent that is involved with a school’s fundraising projects, you should seriously consider making inflatable equipment part of school fundraising ideas.  Keep Rainbow Inflatables in mind next time you are on the lookout for school fundraising ideas that will not only strengthen the school’s financial situation, but also allow the learners of the school to fully enjoy themselves. Rainbow Inflatables manufacture quality inflatable equipment for sale, an ideal solution for kids entertainment at your school social events. Contact us for more information about our inflatable products.