Friday, April 19, 2024
Zorb Water Balls

Zorb Balls for Hire in Durban, KwaZulu Natal

Water Walkers and Zorb Balls for sale

Make Your Party Memorable with Zorb Balls for hire in Durban

Everyone who throws a party wants it to be a memorable one. Most of the times, we just concentrate on food and drinks, and hope that people enjoy the party. But after a while, you see that your guests are just forming groups and having the usual conversations, and suddenly you find that your party is no different than any other. This can be very disappointing, especially if you have put in a lot of effort to make it a memorable one.

What most people do not realize is that parties become memorable only when there are fun activities involved. And one of the best ideas to achieve this is getting zorb balls for hire in KwaZulu Natal. There is no lack of space in Durban. You could rent an open venue and get these zorb balls for hire through Rainbow Inflatables, which is one of the leading manufacturers of inflatables in Durban.

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Zorb Ball-ready venues

Zorb balls are great if your guests like some fast action. Once your guests are in the zorb balls you hired, you can let them slide downhill or on a flat surface. Just keep in mind that the surface is a bit grassy to avoid damage to the ball and to keep it rolling in the direction you desire. For you guests who prefer a little subtle enjoyment with zorb balls, you could hire a long, shallow inflatable water tank and let them float on it through the ball. You could even set up zorb ball races to spice up your party. The children and adults alike are sure to enjoy their experience when you get zorb balls for hire in Durban during your next party.

Choose between wet and dry zorb balls

When you choose the zorb balls for hire in Durban, decide in advance whether you want dry or wet zorb balls. Dry zorbing involves, harnessing yourself inside the ball and letting it tumble where you literally flip head over heels. On the other hand, wet zorbing involves no harnesses. The person inside the ball would be splashed with water continuously, which would make him slip inside the ball as it moves. Both these activities can be a lot of fun and are sure to make your party a memorable one.

If the idea of getting zorb balls for hire seems fun, call Rainbow Inflatables today or book them online right away.