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Zorb Water Walker Balls

Zorb Water Balls for Hire or For Sale

Water Walkers and Zorb Balls for sale

While inflatable products such as the jumping castle and water slide have been around for many years, are a fairly new addition. What differentiates zorb water balls from any other inflatable product is the fact that it allows children to “walk” on water. Once sealed in zorb water balls, children can run, jump, crawl, or do whatever they like for the allowed period of time. Not before has there been an inflatable that works on the principle that zorb water balls do.

Water balls have hugely grown in popularity in the short space of time it has been on the market. This product seems to have developed into a beloved plaything for modern children, and one can expect the water balls to be around for many years to come. The feeling of being relatively weightless whilst walking on water is unlike anything else experienced before. In addition, children can do things with the water balls that they are unable to do on the ground. This can help them feel like superheroes, hence increasing their self confidence.

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One common myth surrounding zorb water balls is the fact that people commented that children are unable to breathe normally or for a prolonged time period when sealed inside. This is not true at all, seeing as water balls have been scientifically tested to be totally safe in this regard. It was manufactured so as to provide enough oxygen for the period which your children are sealed in. 

However, there are numerous positive things to say about zorb water balls as well. The biggest advantage is that children love them and they will have a lot of fun. In addition, water balls also provide an exercise to some extent. The only way to make the water balls move is by running or walking or jumping inside them yourself. Excess energy can thus be burnt while spending hours on end (though not continuously) playing inside them. Rainbow Inflatables is a leading manufacturer of inflatable equipment, providing a number of fun inflatable products for sale and for hire. 

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Chances are that your child and his or her friends will never forget the zorb water balls activity. You may find that you will have a hard time getting them to do the other activities that you have planned for the day.

Due to the current high demand for water balls, it is advisable to contact Rainbow Inflatables well in advance to make your booking. Your child and his or her friends will be very disappointed if these inflatables do not feature at their party. zorb water balls are thus the perfect new addition to celebrating your son's or daughter's wonderful life and the fact that he or she is growing a year older.